New Challenges!

This year presents all kinds of new challenges with moving for the first time and not immediately checking into a new command or even having a sure job or anything. It’s a bit daunting as we embark on new adventures, even though they may still have old solutions.

I love doing a “new year” post. It always gives me a chance to set an intention for the year and move through it without as much stress as not having an idea of what to do. It’s something I actually picked up at work from doing our yearly evaluations, though I don’t know what got me started on it initially. I just realized at some point, or was taught by someone I don’t remember the encounter with, that there is only so much that can go on that evaluation. If I plan for what I want on my eval by the end of the year, then I can be sure it will be there and I won’t feel obligated to do a bunch of extra work that only serves to stress me out. That mindset was backed up in Joy at Work by Marie Kondo. I’m looking forward to getting that one finished up and reviewed as my first 2021 read!

It has been happening for a while that I have felt like I am drowning in TBRs, so my goal for this year is to get through the entire TBR for one of the places where I hold them. The Navy has a Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) General Library with all sorts of books that I have had an account with since the beginning of this blog. Every time I mentioned getting a book from the library, with very few exceptions, they have been from that library. It’s not nearly as publicized as I wish it were, but I found it and have been spreading the word. It has a fabulous selection and I have 61 books on the TBR at this time.

That’s after migrating over any books that are also on Scribd. I’ll get to Scribd later. I have over 266 books saved and unfinished in Scribd. Some are doubles. Some are references. It’s still a number that hangs over my head. This is not the same as an endless (or 2200) TBR on Goodreads. These are books that I have access to and just need the time or inclination or headspace to read. So, this year library books. Maybe next year Scribd. Maybe one day I’ll clean out the posts on Pinterest and Instagram I’ve saved about books I want to read. Maybe one day I’ll conquer the Litsy and/or Goodreads TBRs. But for now, I can handle 61 books from the library.

I also want to do the Read Harder Challenge, as always. It gets harder every year and this year seems impossible, but I’m hoping that a good amount of those 61 books fill tasks. I do need to get back to the Nobel women, which I believe the library will do for me. I also want to make one of those maps to read the world in women’s memoir. I know that may sound obscure to be genre specific but I am fascinated by the lives of women in other countries and I do read around a bit. It’s a matter of sitting down and doing it. I will be posting some recommendations that I have on books for Read Harder 2021 as soon as that’s together too.

Other plans for the year include continuing the Feminist Study with A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and Religious Study in the New Testament. I’ll be continuing the monthly lists of observances. They should be on the first now that most of them have a decent first draft to work from and I’ll add the links for readers to buy them from various booksellers at their convenience. I’m adding back in the heritages months from 2019 to get a little celebration of diversity in as well as literary months such as National Poetry Month, Women in Translation Month, and National Novel Writing Month. Reviews of books read each month will be compiled at the end of the month but posted on Instagram and as they’re finished.

I’ve been thinking for a while of adding a sort of stream of consciousness category to posts too. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe that’ll end up being more of a Booktok thing. I only recently got onto tiktok and already have a favorite booktoker. Still, I’m not sure posting is for me on that platform.

What are your new challenges for the year? Anyone else changing it up?

Good luck on your own challenges!


  1. A few months ago I deleted my goodreads tbr. I realized that if I was excited about a book I requested it immediately from the library. If I didn’t I probably wasn’t going to get to it. I’m a major mood reader and get distracted by new books I hear about so I almost never went back to pick from my tbr list.


    1. I thought about deleting it too but I do review my TBR when I’m trying to find something to fit my mood. Not so much the Goodreads one, but the Scribd and library saved titles. I search Goodreads for what might fit my reading challenges. It’ll be good to get down to that.


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