Some new stuff

I posted the Feminism Book List a few months ago and have since given that list it’s own page here with affiliate links to some booksellers who offer it. The list is available at the top of the page under Feminist Study menu.

Putting the list together and the desire to offer options to purchase led me to the addition of the affiliate links. For those not familiar, these links give a commission to me for everyone who buys the books from them. The commissions vary by bookseller and I tried to make the options as reasonable and varied as possible. I’m not Amazon’s number one fan, but I can’t deny the ease with which I can pick up a Kindle book or how much I love the preview I can add to posts with their links. I love the aesthetic, I’m sure a commission here and there will be nice too.

I’ve heard of book bloggers having varying success with affiliate links, but I’m giving it a try. We’ll see how it goes. I know I have a tendency to borrow from the library or save a book for later and not remember where the original recommendation came from. I’m not worried about it and have no plans to attempt to make this a normal stream of income or anything. That said, it would be illogical to not set myself up for a commission were someone to actually buy from a link that I provided. So here we are.

The links will be added to future pages and posts for the same opportunities for both me and any readers looking for these books. As I was adding them, I will note too that Amazon, Better World Books, and the Book Depository had the most reasonable and comparable prices for those on a budget, but also that a lot of these books are available from the library, so check them out first. I always do. Well, I also have a Scribd subscription and I don’t get a commission for telling you how much I love Scribd, but I love Scribd.

Anywho, I plan to feature a page that has links, on the main page as well. I have enjoyed providing book lists for observances and heritage months and all that. I find myself recommending the same books over and over again and hopefully having the ability to get it at your fingertips will make some of you more likely to read them. I do only intend to recommend books I actually liked, which is anything mentioned no this site. I don’t tend to finish books I’m not enjoying or learning from and don’t post books that I don’t finish.

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