November Reviews and updates

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve trying to do things a little differently here and there, particularly with the new branding. I’ve been an odd squid in my non-virtual life for so long, it’s nice to kind of merge those two sides together. Today is actually my last day on active duty after a little over 20 years. It’s a little exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time. I have no idea what comes next yet. We am moving from Florida to Mississippi where we can be closer to our largest and most consistent support system. No work yet, so no house yet. We’re also taking a vacation in the middle that I’m pretty excited about. It’s our first full family vacation.

We’ve taken a nice weekend to go to Disney or something, but not a full on vacation. It’s probably not the best time for it, but we wanted to celebrate the major life change we’ve had coming for a while now. Again, things have been a little crazy and I know I haven’t been posting consistently but all this on the horizon was a big reason why I knew I had to give myself the break and not keep a schedule anymore back in January. That much of it has definitely been working out.

That said, I’ve been trying out a few things and I like where they’re going. We’ll see how the update goes with the reviews, but I do like having the reviews on Instagram and Facebook first and then grouped together here. Only three this month, and all Read Harder books. I’m trying to get it done by the 15th of December for a few reasons. One is that vacation mentioned above, but it’s also nice to have finished before the new list comes out. I’m hoping this one matches a little better with my current TBR.

I’ve also gone back to the idea of doing affiliate links. I applied for a bunch and heard back from some already. Part of it seems pushy, but I realized that I really want people to read some of these books, like those I’ve been recommending for the International days and back when I was doing heritage months. It occurred to me that one way to make that easier could be to give people the option but if I’m going through the trouble to add all the links anyway, might as well do the affiliate thing. So here we are.

I found this gorgeous Instagram embed the other day and just love it. It makes the monthly review a little easier to get through with having the whole post visible. Each one is followed by affiliate links to booksellers that give me a little commission if you choose to purchase using them.

Find The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez at Kindle, Indigo Books, Book Depository, or BetterWorldBooks.

Find The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey through Madness by Elyn Saks at Kindle, Indigo Books, Book Depository, or BetterWorldBooks.

Find Our Wayward Fate by Gloria Chao at Kindle, Indigo Books, or Book Depository.

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