Life changing stuff….

The time to change things up and to rebrand has finally come along.

Though I’ve mentioned for years now that I work in a male-dominated field, I’ve never gone much into what that is. For the last 20ish years, I have been a sailor in the US Navy, specializing in electronics. Of course, I’ve only written about my views and interests and these are not in any way the official positions of the Navy or any other members of it. That said, I do look forward to writing a memoir of my time. Some have asked if I really thought my life was so interesting that other people would want to read about it, but why not? I have been in the service of my country for a crazy time in our history and would love to read the memoir or diaries of a typical sailor in other turbulent periods. Personally, I’ll have served from 9/11 to COVID-19, from don’t ask/don’t tell to the introduction of openly-trans servicemembers (introduction because the services have been rather wishy-washy on it but they’re having the conversation finally). Why would I not chronical this period to the best of my ability?

In the time since I decided to write the memoir and that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve latched onto the idea of a name that encompasses my worlds enough to justify a full rebrand. Moreover, my recent endeavors for the blog itself has necessitated a change to it’s look and feel. I have enjoyed the Bible Study that has been going on for years with new ideas coming to me for after this initial reading is done. I have enjoyed the idea of and the start of my study of the Feminism Book List. I’ve even enjoyed moving the reviews over to Instagram and letting this blog take on a more academic tone than it had.

The plan is stay free from the rigid schedule I previously held but to keep within the pattern of the last few months. I’ll post book lists for observances, celebrations, heritage months, monthly reviews, and reading challenges. I’ll post studies of the Bible and feminist texts. I’ll probably talk about the insanity of writing as I get further into it. I’d love to re-engage a study of yoga, but the current plan for that is some time next year. Nevertheless, this blog will persist, just a little different with a new name.

When I first enlisted, the nickname for sailors among the other services was ‘squid’. Despite it’s strange origin involving drunk driving motorcyclists, it’s my favorite Navy specific nickname. The mental image of a flailing and inexperienced motorcyclist looks a lot my life, but so does an actual squid swimming around. There are plenty of videos out there of them hanging out in the water, doing a variety of things in a variety of directions at a variety of speeds. That’s the thing about it. They do no one thing and neither do I. Even so, I had an unusual career, never at a command that people think of when think of the Navy, though sometimes similar to one or maybe adjacent to it.

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