August Reviews

So ends another amazing Women in Translation Month!

I never finish as many titles this month as I want to, but there’s still the rest of the year to read WIT too. This year, I made a special effort to find books translated from Spanish. I realized it’s an area of literature that I had been deficient in reading on the whole and feel the desire to catch up. But I find the same issue with African WIT. It’s not that I don’t read books from African authors, just not in translation.

The three books that I finished and reviewed this month are:

I’ve been reading through Maryse Conde’s Windward Heights but didn’t finish it in time to review for WIT Month. It’s a Caribbean retelling of Wuthering Heights and absolutely amazing. Conde interwove the history of slavery, colonization, racism, and revolution into the story. It’s amazing so far and much longer than the original with several perspectives that help in adding those extra layers while also exploring the class and status disparities of the original work.

I did also dip into Simone de Beauvoir’s Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter but it got overshadowed by Windward Heights. It’s still in my TBR for later, maybe next year, maybe sometime along the way.

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