75 Books of Feminism

There is a canon of feminist books out there that I know I have barely scratched the surface on. This is the beginning of my project to change all that. I was deciding how best to go about acquiring a good list of the feminist books to study through when I saw this post on Instagram from the UNWomen with a short reading list of feminist books for everyone with a request for suggestions. These total 75 books on feminism that are considered books everyone should read.

I love that it’s everyone and not just feminists.

I have read 18 of the books suggested and also suggested one that I had read but wasn’t listed yet. It may not seem like much, but I’m not ashamed of that number. Most of the books mentioned were non-fiction, with some memoir in there. Most of the memoir were Nobel laureates that I had read for that ongoing project. There is so much more to read out there than there has been time to read. Nevertheless, it’s the pursuit of knowledge that matters and the application of feminism to life. It’s moving forward with our goal to achieve full social and economic equality of opportunity among all intersections.

With that, I’ve decided to revamp the way I do feminist books and do a study. I’ll start with A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstoncraft. This will blogged as I’ve been doing the Bible studies, chapter by chapter, idea by idea.

The plan is to start with the full 75 book list from UN Women (compilation with links coming soon) and add those suggested along the way. Discussion and comments are welcome!

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