break your glass slippers by amanda lovelace

Ok, so it’s no secret that amanda lovelace is one of favorite poets. I may have mentioned it a few times when I was reviewing any of her previous collections. I have one to catch up on, which is likely my next read for National Poetry Month. I am getting some other books in too, but I love National Poetry Month. I saw someone on Instagram that’s doing NaPoWriMo too. Maybe one day…

In the mean time, I definitely recommend this new collection. It has a different feel than the women are some kind of magic series. That series felt like a rallying call and this one feels like notes from inside the arena. It has wisdom in it. I noticed later that it was the little bits of wisdom from the fairy godmother poems that I bookmarked the most. I really enjoyed the ways she played with theme.

This collection further underscores one of her style choices that I love but was hard to get used to. The titles are always on the bottom. I like it because it doesn’t set me up for what to expect. It makes the title a part of the poem in a different kind of way. But if you do go back and look at them as titles and read them first, it’s a bit of a different experience. I love that.

As with the others, the poems are short and the collections is about 160 pages. They are mostly the size of a sentence or two but meaningful. Fairy tales have always been more important than we give them credit for, teaching us a lot. I love the way this generation of women are rewriting the women in these stories from full on retellings to reimaginings to these poems that make us think about the messages we’re given. I love it and always share her books when I get the chance.

Add break your glass slippers to your Goodreads or Litsy TBR! It’s part of a new you are your own fairy tale series. I look forward to seeing what the other titles end up being.

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