Maybe I’ll contemplate the universe one day

Samadhi is much more complicated than the others. There are several types and you have to have mastered the first steps and there’s no guarantee of how things are gonna go but it’s still a worthy goal. Samadhi is the total liberated state or full meditative state. To quote the commentary I have on the Yoga Sutras:

So, samadhi is practiced first on the gross objects, then on the subtle elements, then on the mind devoid of any objects except it’s own joy

Based on the description, I gather that thse levels of samadhi have to do with out ability to perceive. We have a hard time perceiving all the nuances of an object until we can truly meditate over it. We can concentrate on it, as in dharana. We can maybe get into dhyana while doing so, maybe even reach a full meditative state over it and understand that object completely. It seems that we must be able to do this with objects before we can hope to perceive what is referred to here as “the subtle elements”.

Once one can contemplate or meditate over an object, they are presumably able to do the same with abstract ideas. From there, the explanation gets much more confusing for me. Samadhi and the path to samadhi will require much more research and yoga for me.

Honestly, that’s okay. It took years for me to feel like I had the hang of asanas. I’ve barely begun to attempt the yamas and niyamas in their own right rather than as moral and ethical guidelines of my own religion. I’m sure there will be a long road to samadhi. Nothing about yoga is really meant to be mastered, just practiced. I grow more comfortable with aspects of yoga but it’s a lifelong kind of endeavor, in my mind.

I’ll let it continue to work magic on my whole being. I also want to make a reading of the Yoga Sutras an annual thing with as many commentaries as I can find. People have different takes on it and it’s not the same as my reading through the Bible. I’ve heard those stories, many of them countless times, and am diving into the nuances. I barely know yoga beyond the asanas. We can go on the journey together.

I’ll have a review of the commentary this series was written from and then we’ll get into a study of mudras.

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