New Year, New Blog, New Life Resolution

I know I just went through the trouble of renaming and revamping this
blog and all but it’s still a work in progress, as is life, right?
Well, I’m coming to the end of the contract at my current job and am
excited to be reshaping my life to go in a more yogic direction. I’d
love to actually teach yoga, to get into yoga therapy because I truly
believe in it’s ability to heal the body, mind, and soul. More than
that, I can’t wait to have a more calm life that I can redirect more
readily than I can right now.

That said, I’m throwing out the schedule. I’ve tried and mostly
managed to keep a decent weekly schedule for a few years now but I
feel like I’ve come to a point where it’s hindering my study of the
things I’m interested in more than helping. I love to dive into a
subject and read several books about it before moving on and the
current format just doesn’t let that happen. I find myself
painstakingly planning my reading to accommodate my schedule and that
is just not going to work out in the life I want to live.

So, same name, same intent to live out and find a good balance between
control and surrender or resistance and flexibility or holding on and
letting go. I’m going to keep the focus of the blog on the books that
I’m reading in these endeavors. I want to learn about what other women
in this world do and how they live and what feminism has done and
what’s it’s failed in. I want to learn about yoga and healing and
peace and union and I know that plays into feminism too because we’re
trying to bring something that’s not in harmony into that state and I
generally feel the same way about religion. For all the trouble that
organized religion has caused for women, it’s also been liberating at
times and still has the power to do that and I want to study both
aspects of it. I also need to remember to read for the sheer pleasure
of experiencing the stories of other people and fictional worlds too.
I’m just not going to do it on a set schedule anymore. I’m going to
plan less, and read more, and try to just have fun with it and tell
you what’s on my mind.

I’m not really sure how that’s going to go or going to work but it
feels like the right direction to move in and I am every bit the
intuitive decision maker. I don’t recall mentioning it here before,
but I LOVE the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and am an INFP. My
enneagram is 9, too. I’ve meant to dive deeper into both of those
things too because I find them fascinating. Anyway, I’m going to
embrace my INFP and make the decision that feels right for where this
blog should be going. Forgive me if I drop out sometimes or overflow
at others. Let’s just see where it all goes and if we can strike a
balance without a schedule. Worst case, if it doesn’t work out this year I’ll go back to the schedule next year.

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