Voyages Through Time and Space: The Life of a Russian Psychic by Liliya Sariecheva, translated Robert Osland

It can be surprisingly complicated to find the memoir of a woman in translation that I can get through. That’s not to say that those out there aren’t good, but the most time I get to read is usually not reading at all but listening to audiobooks and that’s where they get really scarce. I keep hoping that one day I’ll get the chance to go back and collect hard copies of all the women in translation whose memoirs I’ve read. It would make an interesting and diverse collection. Voyages Through Time and Space is the story of Liliya Sariecheva and published posthumously. I had picked it up to read and review in August before the hiatus and actually finished it in August. Life ramped up and I didn’t get a chance to write the review for a while.

Sariecheva’s beliefs were unusual but not unheard of. I grew up with quite a bit of superstition in my family and though some of it proves true, other things don’t. Psychics sit in the middle ground. Some are on it and others aren’t. Even those who are miss or misinterpret what happens sometimes. Whether the ability of a psychic is 100% ability to manipulate time and space or the ability to see through time and space enough to change the outcome doesn’t really matter to me. Some people can just see more than others and Sariecheva is among those who do.

Her memoir is well written. I never felt like I was trudging through over-explained or ambiguous language for a bit of truth. It felt like a simple explanation of the world and her experience in it without too much embellishment and also like the lack of embellishment was intentional. She had no interest in convincing the reader of her truth, she simply stated it.

Whether or not you believe in psychics, this is an interesting memoir from an interesting woman. There’s a little bit of a lot of things, remote viewing, premonition, healing, hexes. There were even others she had run into with varying levels of ability. Add Voytages Through Time and Space on your TBR on Goodreads or Litsy!

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