Yoga Spaces

First of all, let me be clear: You don’t NEED to buy anything to begin a yoga practice. The two most important things one needs to practice is level floor space and a knowledge of the poses that are about to attempt. Because of that, I recommend a class for anyone who hasn’t done yoga yet. Lots of places have two week introductory offers that can be found online or through the MindBody app.

Even if you can’t really afford classes, like I couldn’t in the beginning, try a few intro offers somewhere to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Videos and subscriptions can be great too, but I’m not familiar with any that are currently on the market. That said, there is no replacement in the beginning for having a teacher there to give you the right modification that works for you in a pose but I get that life has it’s restrictions there too sometimes. Mine certainly did.

As I mentioned last week, I did eventually get to the point where I was putting together routines in the house for myself and convinced my husband that what we really needed was a yoga room. He’s really into meditation, so it turned into an easy sell when I convinced him we’d be able to do that too. The key is keeping that room orderly. The yoga room has become one of the best decisions ever and I love walking people through it.

So, here is my room and all the things I’ve filled it with.

I know, I got a little overzealous about having everthing at my disposal. Before we had the room, I just had a mat, some yoga blocks, and a yoga strap. Now, I have all kinds of stuff to play with. The most recent addition is the yoga hammock which I still haven’t quite figured out but am excited to play around with.

The trunk was bought at an antique store. I love it’s weathered look, but the inner tray was what really sold it over one that had been kept in better shape. Here’s what’s in the tray:

Outside and leaning on the trunk is my Gaiam Yoga Mat. Not shown is a Foldable Yoga Mat that I have for travel but it’s amazing and worth a look for anyone who needs a travel mat that needs to fit into a bookbag.

Under the picture of the chest tray is my little end table that has a Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp with 5 Massage Balls and a Singing Bowl Set for Meditation. My husband picked it out at a local yoga shop. This one resonates an A note but we are looking for some lower notes too. There’s a link to Amazon for one that looked similar and had all the parts I have, but there’s no substitute for listening to it sing first.

To the right is my new Yoga Swing & Hammock! Below that, on top of the trunk are three different kinds of bolsters: Bolster/Cushion Size Approx. 16.54″ x5.9″ Style(8); Rectangular Yoga Bolster; and Round Yoga Bolster.

In the bottom center is inside the trunk which as an extra long yoga mat that my husband uses and a Yoga Mat/Towel. We originally saw the longer mat and purchase it at Target but Amazon has them too. I teased him about it when he first picked it up because it was the only one that had a man on the packaging. To which he pointed out that it was longer and even a little wider than the standard size. I felt a little bad about teasing him, but not much.

The bottom right picture is the Ceiling Anchor – Wall Mount Bracket that he used to mount the yoga swing/hammock.

We’re still working on decorating the room here and there. There’s a chair in one corner because it doesn’t fit in the kitchen but has proven useful for when we need to talk about something but I really need to get yoga in for the day. I had an Echo Dot in there for a while next to the salt lamp but that went into our son’s room as soon as his old CD player died. Above the chair hangs 1000 origami cranes that a friend made in honor of a death in her family and then didn’t know what to do with. The wall mirrors are visible in the pictures. The came from Home Depot. I’m still a little on the fence about them. My husband insisted that we get mirrors because most studios have them but I don’t always like to see myself doing exercises. It has been helpful for checking my alignment in different poses though. He still wants to get some sort of plant or tree for the room too.

I have loved creating the space and finding the right things to go in it. I love having a room that doesn’t have a lot of furniture in it. That in itself makes the room more peaceful than the rest of the house sometimes.

After having the yoga room for about a year, my husband built me this deck! It’s new but I love it. The pond has kind of been there a while in that way that it existed as a hole with water in it and the stone wall when we moved in but he changed the plants around it, put in the bamboo and lily pads. There are so many little fish too. It’s been his little project since we moved in and we both wanted a deck to come right to it from the back door because it was just dirt and no grass on that little path. It was his idea to make it big enough for two people to do yoga though. So now I have two spaces to do yoga at home.

It has seriously diminished my drive to ever go to another yoga course, but even those of us with a good home practice should go here and there. It’s good to see what else is out there and be reminded of some of those poses we avoid out of distaste or even get exposed to new variants of poses. Mostly, classes are great for reminding us that we can more than we already know we can and great instructors will always challenge us.

Does anyone else have an at home exercise space? Feel free to share about in the comments!

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