Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson


This is the second memoir I’ve come across written entirely in verse and I have to admit that I do love the format. The first was brown girl dreaming. There are some things that are just better said this way. Of course, there are some things that are harder to read in verse but definitely not less worthwhile.
I was amazed by the things the author had been through and amazed at the ways she has shared it. I had not heard of or seen her first book, Speak, but it’s on my TBR now. I love that she talks to teens about it’s contents and that she shares those experiences here as well and in this format. There’s something about it that I hope speaks to more people about sexual assault and rape than normal. I had never been a big fan of poetry before this blog, only having one poet that I enjoyed reading but I’ve found a few that I adore since then whose stories tell the bigger truths that we still need to be talking about. This is one of them.
As with other collections, not every poem was mesmerizing but many were and they are often the most heartbreaking. There are layers of truth and feeling in so many of these poems, and not about sexual assault alone. Living with people who suffer from PTSD can be its own hell and she doesn’t shy away from it, or the complicated way that family and loved ones learn to relate to them. Not everyone gets better, but it’s a long and difficult road for even those who do.
I recommend this collection for anyone who loves memoirs and especially those who haven’t tried a memoir in verse yet. Check it out on Goodreads here!

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