Agorafabulous: Dispatches from My Bedroom by Sara Benincasa

There are some memoirs that just make me feel better about life and this has definitely been one of them. Benincasa is hilarious and I love her. I do have a soft spot for a funny memoir, especially when things get a little crazy. She covers the period of her life from her first sign of coming mental trouble to the beginning of her career as a comedian. It’s not quite one disaster after another and I truly appreciate that she included quite a bit of her recovery. It’s important to see how people stitch back together from crises and to know that it’s really possible and it’s really just one day at a time and sometimes painstakingly slow.
For someone who spent any time at all afraid to leave her bed, she had a surprising number of adventures after recovery. That was my favorite thing. I’m not one to just read about people’s issues and revel in someone else’s misery. It’s the recovery and the subsequent adventure that made the book for me. I don’t know if she would call it an adventure, but any big move always has been for me and I’ve always had far more safety nets than she seems to have. And going for the big dreams even when they seem impossible, especially when they seem impossible. I might even be a little jealous of the adventurous spirit she had afterward.
As a fan of memoirs in general, this is a great read. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys funny or happy memoirs, and women’s memoirs, particularly those of relatively normal women. Benincasa is a writer and a comedian, but I wouldn’t say she’s reached the point by this book to call it a celebrity memoir. I don’t say that as a strike against her, just that there are so many memoirs of women whose names are better known. All the same, I loved it and anyone looking for a bit of entertaining non-fiction should check it out.


  1. Happy memoirs? I didn’t think such a thing existed! 😛 Anyway, I usually seem to read memoirs written by men (which is not planned out on my part, it’s just what I naturally gravitate towards) but I like reading memoirs about people who have had struggles with mental health. I have severe OCD and I absolutely LOVED ‘Because We Are Bad’ by Lily Bailey but I guess that’s not such a happy one! It must be hard to write about suffering from mental illness while keeping a light tone. Great review!

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