Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower by Brittney Cooper

Stars: 5 of 5

I love everything about this book. Eloquent Rage succinctly summarizes the beginning of the things that people who are not black women need to understand in order to start to understand the anger and rage that is attributed to them. I’ve run into a lot of the information here in other places but as any good book does, Cooper makes it new as well. She correlates it to the struggle of black women in America and those things that are specific to people who are both black and women.

As a feminist, it’s important to be aware of the problems of women who don’t look like me and who come from backgrounds different from mine. We can’t come up together if we don’t understand what is keeping us from being together in the first place. This book is a great first step for any feminist who isn’t black to begin that understanding, though the book isn’t exactly targeting us as an audience, I think.

It speaks to other black women, explaining Cooper’s journey. Her writing is amazing and I loved listening to her on the audiobook. She talks about both sexism and racism and from several angles as well as the way the combination continues to put black women into a sort of double bind. For me, the hardest part to listen to was the way that double bind makes every fight there’s while also keeping them from being the winner even when their side wins.

Cooper does all this while maintaining a tone that is engaging and even entertaining while never falling into that caricature of black women that we see so often in movies. She is amazing and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. If you’re a feminist, definitely check this book out. Add it to Goodreads here and read as soon you can.

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