Looking back at Chronicles

Unlike all the other books, Chronicles was a mostly a rehash of other books. All the women mentioned in the first book (for the most part) are mentioned in First or  Second Samuel. Some exceptions are the women of the Genealogies but you can find them in that post. The other two posts on 1 Chronicles are Exploits of David and David’s last bit of business

Likewise, the women mentioned in the second book are also in both 1 Kings and 2 Kings and you can find them in those posts along with my initial thoughts on what was going on with them and the men who surrounded their lives. The second book contained a version of the story that was quite removed from the people of Judah as individuals, so there were no stories about things the kings came across in personal ways.

As for the genealogies of this time mentioned above specifically for these people, they are generally composed of men alone. It’s part of the erasure of women from history that is mentioned and explained in the book Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit. It was interesting to read the essay and the genealogies so close in time. More so that I had felt the same way as Solnit about it. But there are some women mentioned in these genealogies. There are women mentioned whose names I had never heard and then there were women left out that had been mentioned in books before this. It makes me question what the motivation was for the women that were included or excluded. It makes me wonder how much of it was information that just was or wasn’t recorded of them. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.


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