Heidi by Johanna Spyri


Heidi - Johanna SpyriThere is so much to love about this delightful classic, I had no idea. I had been saving this one for WIT Month but had chosen it for task 11 for Read Harder 2018, a children’s classic published before 1980.

It’s the kind of book that really shows how impressionable children can be and I don’t think it exaggerates, either. Children see and hear more than let on sometimes and the opinions of others can really shape what they want to do with themselves. Or the presence of others. I thought it was adorable how Heidi’s cheerful disposition seemed to improve the outlook of everyone around her. She’s a fun character for a children’s book. She always shares, is happy to help others, has her own feelings that require validation, and is concerned about others. In some ways, she’s the stereotypical little girl that everyone wants to be around, but I didn’t feel like she was the picture of femininity either. I loved the way her attitude towards everything moved the plot as people remembered how much she improved the atmosphere of a room.

I’d definitely recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a children’s classic for this age. I borrowed the audiobook on Scribd but click on the cover image to find purchase options on Booklikes or add to Goodreads for later.

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