Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher


Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher I saw the show Wishful Drinking a few years ago and had been meaning to read the memoir version since then. Read Harder 2018 and task 12, read a celebrity memoir, gave me the perfect opportunity to actually do so. As expected, I absolutely loved it!

Most of the book is the same as the show except with some extra information and without the visual aides (I listened to the audiobook). I have to admit that I would recommend watching the show too. Perhaps the ebook has all the visual aides, but audiobook obviously doesn’t. Fisher’s timing and expressions are too amazing in the show to miss and there’s nothing quite like seeing the life-sized Princess Leia doll when she talks about it.

That said, the book really is amazing and the audiobook is read by Fisher herself. If it’s the only medium available, absolutely listen to it. It’s three hours, rather than the hour and fifteen minutes of the show so there is a significant amount of extra information about her life and it’s really pretty entertaining. I know it can sound terrible but the worst of it is in the show anyway.

Okay, that might sound strange. It is apparent throughout both the book and the show that much of her material comes from quite a bit of pain in her past. Still, who doesn’t have pain in their past? I just wish I could turn into something so entertaining and probably cathartic. I can’t imagine it not having been cathartic. As she mentions in the introduction, this is one way to get healthy, particularly as “we are only as sick as our secrets.”

I got the audiobook from my local library but it’s also available from several other sources. Click on the cover image to get the Booklikes list or add to Goodreads for later. I plan to pick up the Princess Diarist by the end of the year too.

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