World Contraception Day!

The pill was something I took for granted for years. I even scorned it in favor of other forms of contraception available today. The IUD is a glorious thing and my personal favorite option. BUT the pill was the one that started it all. We would be stuck with abstinence and sterilization and the off chance a guy is willing to wear a condom without it. Lets face it, abstinence isn’t even a constant option with the rate of rape and sexual assault in this world.

Somewhere in The Birth of the Pill, I grew a more appropriate appreciation of that pill that liberated us from the idea that pregnancy was a “consequence” that only women paid for sex. Was there an equitable consequence for men? Nope. Then why should we have one?

Yeah, don’t say it. There isn’t actually a good secular reason and most of the religious ones are bound closer to inheritance more than anything else. I get the whole idea in Christianity (I can’t speak for other religions but input on other religions is more than welcome in the comments!) that women are supposed to be chaste but so are men. Pre and extra marital relations aren’t supposed to be happening among EITHER of the dominant genders. Anyway, I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of all the ways valuing virginity is or is not controlling women’s bodies. The point is that the Pill is glorious.

I feel that there is no better time than World Contraception Day to remember this amazing thing that our foremothers gave us. Even aside from the liberating idea of having sex without getting pregnant as recreational, there’s also the long history of women who shouldn’t be getting pregnant for health reasons that it has liberated from fear.

Check out The Birth of the Pill if you haven’t yet, it’s a great book!


  1. Yes the pill has helped me so much! I have debilitating cramps (probably endometriosis too but not yet diagnosed) and taking the pill helped SO MUCH. I can actually function during my period?? and not faint?? It was amazing. I just wish it was more accessible! Like it’s SUCH a cheap way to help so many problems.

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    1. I know, I just don’t get any justifications for not making it easier to get. I do understand needing a prescription for the more heavy doses, by why can’t the regular old-fashioned pill be over the counter like aspirin?

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