A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle

It was great to revisit this classic! I reread it for the Read Harder 2017 task 9: Read a book you’ve read before. I had chosen this one because I remember it being the first book that I enjoyed reading on my own. It happened to be that it was required reading for school, which was the only reason I began it in the first place. This time, I listened to the audiobook from my library, read by Hope Davis.

It had been long enough that I didn’t remember much of the book, which I find helpful in enjoying a story sometimes. Occasionally, it’s great to enjoy every moment as you know it’s coming but not always. Not with books, at least. I got to relive it almost entirely. The only thing I remembered was scene depicted on the cover, mostly because it’s on every cover I’ve ever seen for the book and keeps it fresh in my mind. And that it was about finding Meg’s father. I did find a new appreciation for “I give you your faults” this time around. It cracked me up a bit, and I know how often my faults have helped me through situations since I was Meg’s age.

Given that it’s a renowned classic and required reading in schools, at least when I was a kid, I don’t need to go on about how fantastic the characters and the plot and the writing are. Granted, I do hate on some classic sometimes (of which I plan to revisit one day in search of a better appreciation), but this is one that I totally understand it’s status. I’m glad I had an excuse to revisit it. I also bought a paperback copy because I just couldn’t help myself. Maybe I’ll read it with my son soon.

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