TTT: Top Ten Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics

Today’s TTT is All about the visuals: Top Ten Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics or Ten Comics on My TBR or Top Ten Favorite Picture Books!

Given that my six year old has his own bookcase for of picture books, I did briefly consider using Picture Books, but no. I’m going to take yet another opportunity to gush about my favorite Graphic Novels/Comics and not just who I love to follow the most, but my favorite issues because I think you all know who I love allready.


Gotham City Sirens #1 - Paul Dini,Guillem March

  1. So, yeah, Catwoman may not be getting the best storylines right now and I’m not the biggest fan of her most recent backstory, but she has been my favorite for a long time and I still love the older stories of her. One of the newer features that she’s been in has been this all bad girl team up called Gotham City Sirens. It’s pretty fun and a little evil but don’t be deceived, it is not feminist at all. These women are absolutely taking full advantage of the way they can manipulate the patriarchy and would be out of business without it and it’s pretty obvious from this cover that they are also drawn for the male gaze.

Lumberjanes Vol. 5: Band Together -  Noelle Stevenson,Shannon Watters,Grace Ellis,Brooke Allen

2. Lumberjanes and Mermaids! These girls are awesome and they are among my favorites, and a series I’ve been staying relatively caught up on, but this issue is my favorite because mermaids. (full review)

Ms. Marvel, #7: Healing Factor, Part II - Jacob Wyatt,G. Willow Wilson3. Ms. Marvel and Wolverine! I do love her and still need to catch up on her story. I am so behind but I have trouble getting issues or volumes for books this popular until recently. This is my favorite issue because Wolverine is in it! It’s also completely adorable as she fangirls and saves him a bit. Is there any bigger fangirl dream? I think not.

Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears Vol. 1: Baby Talk - Dennis Hopeless,Javier Rodriguez

4. Spider-Woman has become my absolute favorite superhero! She is a full grown adult who is comfortable in her superhero ways and not in a coming of age story. I do love coming of age stories and stories about heroes coming into their own, but it was super exciting to see one who is in roughly the same place in life as me. Except for being single, I’m married to my best friend, so it’s more like her being married to Captain Marvel and everything else going on plus the reality of having a baby.(full review)

Bitch Planet Volume 1 - Kelly Sue DeConnick,Robert Wilson IV,Valentine De Landro

5. Bitch Planet and all the Non-Compliant women! Given all the recent circumstances, this comic just gets more and more relevant and that’s really not the direction we would like  a comic of this nature to go. But then it gives us hope too that there is no place too far gone that we can’t come back from. Or maybe we can resist enough to not even let it happen. Let’s hope for that. (full review)

6. This is the issue that has an amazing picture of all the Marvel women coming to support Thor even though no one knows who she is still because Odin going after her for weilding Mjolnir is ridiculous. And who went to go get them? The original Thor, Prince Odinson as he prefers to be called now, because he’s starting to get it. This issue is part of Thor Volume 2, review of the whole volume here.

Birds of Prey #14

7. The Bird’s of Prey are DC’s all good girl team and I do love stories and series about women getting it done together, despite differences of all sort. This issue is the first part of a great flashback to WWII and I just love the whole thing. It’s fun and campy and the women are amazing.

Birds of Prey 112 - Tony Bedard

8. I know that this is technically from the same series but this one highlights Lady Blackhawk who is a very underrated character. Her backstory is similar to Captain America and her costume is a little ridiculous but her character itself is super fun. And then there’s this issue. She spends the entire time crossing the country in order to give one of her favorite compatriots a proper send off and gets in some trouble along the way.

Silk Vol. 1: Now and Then - Marvel Comics

9. Silk was my favorite for a little while, held on par with Ms. Marvel but both were eclipsed by Spider-Woman as soon as I read her issue last month. Don’t let that fool you, though, Silk is amazing! She isn’t just a female Spider-Man, her story arch is completely different and a lot of fun, especially when we get to Spider-Women where there’s a team up with Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman. I still have to catch up and read her second volume, but this is from a Volume 0 and I have read Volume 1 also. (full review)

So for number ten, I am horribly torn between these two:

Princeless Book One: Save Yourself - Jung-Ha Kim,Jeremy Whitley,M. Goodwin,Dave Dwonch  Monstress #7 - Marjorie Liu,Sana Takeda

10. Both have an WOC as the protagonist going through unchartered territory as they try to figure out their missions in life but they are distinctly different from each other in many ways.  Princeless is hilarious and made for a middle grade audience. It has so many bits that are spot-on feminism like this one:


but it’s not #ownvoices. That’s about the only downside to it. I mean, not everyone can take their feminism with quite this much humor mixed in but I love it.


Monstress takes place in an evil matriarchal society that looks to be about on par with or worse than the Inquisition. It’s deliciously evil and I still have no idea what’s going on as I try to keep up with the story and the amazing world built by the authors. It’s hard to choose between them. Which do you all like better? Princeless or Monstress?

These are my Top Ten Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics, check out what everyone else listed at Broke and Bookish!


    1. I am caught up on Lumberjanes and Silk but so behind on most of the others. I’d try to read them this week but Wires and Nerve just came out and I just can’t put off Marissa Meyer, not ever.


  1. I never read a comic book.So The only ones I read were the VA and Percy Jackson graphic novels. But we did something a little different. Allyson added some comics she read on her list.
    Also check out our easy to enter Valentine’s giveaway!

    I never read a comic book.So The only ones I read were the VA and Percy Jackson graphic novels. But we did something a little different. Allyson added some comics she read on her list.
    Also check out our easy to enter Valentine’s giveaway!

    My TTT.

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