TTT: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After

This was a hard one. I haven’t named anything without consulting my husband in a long time. Like 10 years. Of course we named our son together, but even the dog and the cars. Okay, we’ve had  3 dogs in the last ten years but two came with names but we consulted on Ajax. He was just meant to be Ajax. Just like our son was just meant to be Gabriel. I did name a friend’s cat once, though. Oh and he named the cars. Regardless, if I were given free license to name a new pet (because we’re totally done having kids!) or vehicle after a characters, this is the list I’d start with:

  1. Katniss – The Hunger Games Series
  2. Hermione – Harry Potter series
  3. Scarlett – Gone with the Wind
  4. Maika – Monstress
  5. Iko – Lunar Chronicles – Cinder
  6. Levana – Lunar Chronicles – Fairest
  7. Kamala – Ms. Marvel
  8. Petra – Ender’s Game
  9. Hero – Much Ado About Nothing
  10. Rowan – The Tower and the Hive series –The Rowan

For most of these, I think the names are gorgeous and they are characters I find interesting but then naming things takes on a life of it’s own. I always want names to fit. If something or someone is named after a character, it would be because they fill that space in my life or because they seem to have those characteristics already. Okay, maybe I put too much in a name.

Check out the other names people have chosen at the Broke and Bookish!


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