Lumberjanes Vol 3 (#9-12)


This volume isn’t quite as exciting as the last two, but it’s still plenty of fun. Personally, it’s these girls. They make me nostalgic for a similar group of friends that I’ve had in the past. Here’s the back cover:

This New York Times Bestselling series continues with Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley as they take on everything that goes bump in the night. From scary stories to magical portals that lead to a land untouched by time, it’s definitely not your average summer. Written by awesome all-star Noelle Stevenson (Nimona, ADVENTURE TIME™) and brilliant newcomer Grace Ellis, and illustrated by the tremendously talented Brooke Allen (A Home for Mr. Easter).

In the first chapter of this volume, the girls are telling scary stories and it really says a lot about each character. I love Jen the most.

The next one goes on to kick off the main story line of the volume. I love the speech that Rosie gives, particularly this part:

I encourage you all to take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself, get out of the camp! Do something that you’re scared of!

These girls have no problems doing that at all! Their real opponent appears to be boredom. Most of the crew is left to fend it off while Molly and Mal go on a date. I have trouble finding the appropriate words to say why and how much I love that they did that, so let me just say that it’s one more way that this comic is doing a better job with diversity. Their date is cute and awkward until the plot begins.

Okay, it’s still awkward after, but it’s just so appropriate for that age and the girls are adorable. I love how Mal’s the tough girl at home but doesn’t feel brave in the midst of other brave girls while Molly only feels brave at camp. What they don’t know yet is that it can be great for the two people in a couple to be confident and brave in different situations. It makes so many more things doable by the couple because the one will drag along the other or show them how to do it. And they are a really cute couple.


This volume features more mentions of notable women:


Personally, I prefer to read comics as a volume but don’t always have the patience. If you’d like to buy the volume, the cover links to the Amazon page for it. If you’d rather get them individually, they are at the following links: 9, 10, 1112

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