Femme Friday – Superheroes

So, I decided last week that I would alternate between posts on non-fiction and fiction femmes. This week, I’d like to talk about superheroes.

There is not enough out there about female superheroes, but there actually are A LOT of them. Are they as awesome as their male counterparts? Yeah, a lot of them are. Do they get as good characterization and attention? Not always on the first and not  even a little on the second. Let’s face it, we haven’t even had three female superhero movies. We had Supergirl back in the 80’s, Catwoman in the ’00’s, and we are finally getting Wonder Woman on the big screen next year. Okay, she’s appearing in an ensemble first, but she’s gets her own next year.

I don’t know about you, but these are not the sum total of female superheroes and for all of Marvel’s awesomeness in recent movie making years, I can’t be the only one to notice that the only people who bother to make female-centered superhero movies are DC comics, can I?

But this blog isn’t about movies and we don’t come here to talk about those. So let’s talk about the comics and the characters. I know I posted a while back about some of my faves, but I recently got the Shield 50th Anniversary edition graphic novel. Of the five issues included in the novel, four are dedicated to the ladies and I loved them!

Here’s the deal, none are super well known. If I didn’t watch Agents of Shield, I would only know of Nick Fury (who was the only guy in the novel) and Peggy Carter from the Captian America movie (she has her own awesome TV show that airs during the winter hiatus of Agents of Shield and every Marvel lover should watch). The others are The Calvary, Quake, and Mockingbird (I did actually see her some time after she initially appeared on Agents of Shield without the hero name yet when my son was watching one of the many Avenger cartoons because she totally becomes an Avenger for a while).

There’s also the all-female team of heroes in DC that features one of my all-time favorite characters, men included, called Birds of Prey. The favorite in question is Lady Blackhawk.

I know one of the bigger problems is the historic depiction of these women in comics is for them to be overly sexualized, but the Marvel issues mentioned above don’t really do that. There’s also the amazing and incredible Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel. There are literally not enough great things I can say about her, but something that’s been great from the start is that her costume is part-burqini. The best part of it being made out of a burkini is the conversation she has with her mom about it. Let’s not forget Hit-Girl who has been in a movie as well and is not sexualized either.

My all-time favorite superhero didn’t start out as a hero and many wouldn’t call her a hero at all (she is still mostly an anti-hero), but I’ve had a serious weak spot for Catwoman, sexualized or not. She’s independent and capable but is still depicted in fun team ups and has a soft spot for the good guy. Loved her in the Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn (who has her own comic too and is hitting the big screen soon in an ensemble) and Poison Ivy.

Now, why do I bring all this up? Because I love these women and there’s this strange idea out there that won’t seem to go away that women don’t like having real women heroes. I think I heard somewhere that this idea was solidified by the flop that was the Catwoman movie. But seriously, have you seen that movie? Can we get some women who do real hero work and not saving women from a toxic beauty product?

Don’t get me wrong, if that scenario were to take place, some saving would need to happen, but it was just a sad attempt at getting women involved. Hopefully, they won’t make a similar mistake when Wonder Woman hits the big screen. In the mean time, we can all sit back and enjoy some great comics that have women in them that are relatable and fun. Oh and I must mention the AMAZING job that Melissa Benoist and CBS are doing with Supergirl.

By the way, when is Marvel going to get their act together and give us Captain Marvel?

See you guys next week!


  1. I never watched female superheroes but I did watch Xena a lot. That’s where it started for me. I don’t read Ms.Marvel for personal reasons but I need to start checking out more female superheroes. I’m only liking Jessica Jones from the new crop.

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    1. There aren’t a lot on tv or movies, unfortunately, but I had started following some Instagram account for a while that showcased them. It was what made me realize how many there were. I never watched Xena, though. I wasn’t a fan of fantasy when it was on.

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  2. I love the Agent Carter show! Thus second season is making me even happier than the first. Also, I think Marvel is planning to release a Captain Marvel movie as part of that huge lineup they put out a few years ago. Can’t wait!

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    1. I have seen that Captain Marvel is on the roster, but I remember seeing that it got pushed back a few times already. I know I’ve seen a few candidates for who might play her but nothing seems solid. It’s irritating for me. But I love Agent Carter also! This season has been especially interesting with Whitney Frost and the flashback to childhood episode.

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  3. Oh there are tons of female superheroes who don’t get enough proper exposure but I still think of Storm (Halle Berry’s better superhero half), Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-Men movie franchise and in the comics they are amazing women not overly-sexualized either.

    I think they become foreshadowed by the men as they tend to appear alongside them and therefore are seen as side characters rather than heroes/villains in their own right. One of my favourites, which I got the comic book for when I was doing a Villains research thing, was Killer Frost from DC. Intelligent and deadly. A Killer combination if ever haha.

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    1. I had to look up Killer Fost but she looks AMAZING. I did enjoy what they did with the X-Men ladies in the movies, even into the new ones. No random pairings, no sexualization, they weren’t even abnormally overlooked as characters. Turning Mystique into the villain for a bit was great too, for me at least. She had always been more of a sidekick but had so much potential. But I never felt that way about Rogue or Storm. I think it’s because they were on the team in the old cartoon when I was a kid. Even if they weren’t big characters, I wouldn’t have noticed because they were there and doing stuff.

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